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I have been playing blackjack for many years. Since I was old enough to get into the casino, I’ve been playing blackjack. I just love the game, the comradely at the table and the whole experience is good fun entertainment. Several years back, I started taking poker much more serious. I don’t play much blackjack anymore, but I still like the game.

When all the online poker sites started adding blackjack games, I thought it was great. I played them a few times, and realized it was not the same. Sure all the nuts and bolts where there, but the game just was not as fun. I don’t even remember when the last time I bothered to play blackjack at an online poker site was, but it has been at least a year now.

Today I came across this site that taught me about Live Online Blackjack. You play the game from your computer, but you play with an actual live dealer. The casino software has a digital table, and a web-cam view of a dealer at an actual table. You use the digital table to place your bet, and to hit, stand and complete all the actions to play. The dealer deals the cards, as you see live on the web-cam, and they are seamlessly added to the digital version.

The live online blackjack games uses actual cards, and you can see them in the web-cam being dealt. This is huge advantage for players who can count cards, and employ other advantageous strategies. With the RNG decks used in fully digital versions of online blackjack this is imposable.

I must say, live blackjack online is fun. I admit, it is still not exactly the same as playing live in a casino, but it is closer then ever before. You still don’t have the full ambiance of a casino, or other players actually sitting next to you. But compared to what I had played before online, this game is great.

If you like blackjack, you need to check this out. Playing online blackjack makes more sense now then ever before. It costs me $15 in gas to drive to the casino and back, and the price of gas just keeps going up. With online blackjack you can play whenever you like, for as long as you like. See you at the tables!

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