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USA-Casino-bonusAn important factor in choosing any US online casino is what type of promotions they have on offer. By now, I’m sure you’ve probably seen at least a hundred banner ads all over the internet saying things like “100% matched bonus,” or “Get $50 Free Chips” What exactly does it really mean? Is the money really free?

More often than not, the bonus money is actually free but there can be strings attached to it. There are several different types of deposit bonus that the online casinos for USA players offer. What does this mean? A welcome/sign up bonus refers to the amount of extra dollars worth of chips a casino will award a player for making a deposit.

On the whole, casinos bonuses are very generous as they’re competing with each other to gain new business. If you think about it, when was the last time you went to a brick-and-mortar casino, bought $100 worth of chips, and the cashier handed you an extra $100 worth of chips? Unless the cashier is absent minded, probably never.

But right now the online gaming industry is very competitive. Casinos are always coming up with better and better bonuses and rewards schemes to try and outdo each other. So, while you’re surfing around for slot themes you like to play, pay attention to each site’s current bonus offering. You’re missing out on a ton lucrative bonuses if you ignore it.

Exactly how can you take advantage of these casino offers? And, what is the catch? Well, to receive your complimentary bonus, simply download the easy to install software of any participating casino in connection with the bonus offer and register as a real player.

Once you receive your account details and password by email, return to the casino website and enter the bonus code upon making your first deposit. Your account should be credited in 24-48 hours, after which you will be awarded with free credits that you may use to play and win in real money casino games.

So, what is the catch if any? Like every great offer, there is a “fine print” in their terms and conditions section where you learn the catch. In this case, it’s really not that bad. The main “condition” that comes with this type of offer is that once you receive the free cash bonus, you need to place bets for three to four times that amount before you can cash out your winnings, which is fair enough. Otherwise there would be nothing stopping a player from claiming the free cash and withdrawing straight away.

So, for example: lets say you get $10 free bet; you must wager $30 worth of bets before you cash out your winnings. And that’s really all there is to it. For some of the online casino betting promotions you may be required to play certain games in their casino.

Regardless, this type of offer is a great way to get a feel for an US online casino before deciding if you would like to play there. If you don’t like the casino for whatever reason, or you don’t win anything, there is no love lost because it didn’t cost you a cent in the case where it’s a no deposit bonus.

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