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I like to play poker, online and in casinos. I play poker every day, and sometimes all day. But when I am looking for a break I am always on the search for the best online games to play. I like slot machines, video poker and other casino games just to kill time. I do often play them for money, but sometimes I just like to play for fun.

The other day I found a this great site where I could play free poker games. Now I don’t mean live online poker, but rather poker based casino games.

3 card poker


3 card poker is a casino table game that blends elements of poker and dealer based table games. The object of the game is to get a better three card poker hand then the dealer. In this game the player makes an ante bet and a pairs plus bet before any cards are dealt. After the initial bets ar placed each player and the dealer are dealt three cards. The players are face up, and platyers are given the option to play (and double their ante bet) or fold and risk no more money in the hand. It is a fast paced and fun game.


Hold’em High

Holdem-HighIs a table based Texas Holdem game played against the house. The object is to get at least 2 pair. Players place an initial ante, and are dealt two cards. Players then have an option to fold, call or raise their original ante. The board is exposed and players are paid according to the pay-table if they win. Players also have an optional side-bet for extra action.



Cyberstud Poker

Cyberstud-PokerCyberstud Poker is essentially Caribbean stud poker, it is a version created by casino software company Microgaming. Players start by placing an ante, then are dealt five cards. After players receive their cards they have the option to call for twice the ante amount, or fold. The dealer requires a Ace-King combination or higher to qualify. If the Dealer’s hand does not qualify, the player is paid their Call bet and double their ante, regardless of their hand ranking. If the Dealer’s hand qualifies, the hand with the highest ranking wins. If the player has the higher ranked hand, they are paid out for their winning hand and receive double their ante.

Beyond these three games you will find many more poker table games, slot machines and video poker games you can play for fun or real money!


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