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The world of online poker has been under assault over the last few months. Many players have suffered in some way because of the string of bad news to hit the industry. How is a player to know what poker websites they can trust? Well, as we have learned, there is no sure fire way. We will do are best in this article to give you some tips to do your due diligence in selecting a poker site.

Gambling License

One of the first things a player should do when they are considering an online poker room is check out their gambling license. First do they have one, and is it current. You will find almost every online poker room will have a gambling license, but that is only the first phase. You will also want to research the licensing agency. Are they on the UK whitelist? Do they require segregated bank accounts for holding 100% of players bankrolls? Read the requirements to get a license, and you will learn what the online poker rooms have provided to get the license.

Do an Internet Search

Before you deposit real money onto an online poker site is is always good to do some searches. Search terms like “room name scam” and “room name cashouts” and things of that nature. Now remember, this is the internet so you need to take things with a grain of salt. Losing player will call the site a scam, and shills that work for or promote the poker room will say it is the best ever. The best plan is to read a lot, and look for specific examples, notice if the rooms ever stepped up to rectify the situation. More then just problems, look to see if things got solved. If the poker room fixed the problem, that is a very good sign.

Use Caution

Look, I hear these stories of people that had “most of their net worth” on FTP, and that sucks! But get real, what where you doing? You really had most of your net worth on an online gambling site? My advise is to keep things where you could afford to lose it all and life would be fine. If you are a recreational player, that would mean a very small bankroll (try to grow it to a big one by not cashing out, but playing a stake you can beat). If you are a pro, you will need to spread your bankroll between many sites and cash for live games. You will need a bigger bankroll to play the limits your non-split bankroll would have covered, but only slightly.

In conclusion, my advise is to think like a poker player before you deposit money. It really isn’t hard, use caution and get the best of the situation. It is hard to give exact specific advise, as every poker player is in a different situation. But use your best judgement and you will come out the best possible!