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Anyone who has played online poker for many years now knows the competition is getting stronger. You have less first time and new players. The OK players, have improved by reading books and playing thousands of hands. And many players are turning to the myriad of online tools to help them get an edge. But what about the guy that just wants to play a few rounds of the button on his day off, or a mid-stakes tournament Sunday afternoon? Well, they are going to get crushed.

But there is hope. BoDog poker has just leveled the playing field. Bodog poker has just announced they will not allow information portals scrape there software. This means, you play in the dark so to speak. Players can not get historical data on Bodog Poker players.

Bodog Europe’s Patrik Selin feels that “online poker is assisting its own demise,” by allowing these sites to continue. He says “Nobody who is playing poker for fun visits these [tracking] sites, or even knows they exist,”. And “They exist only to serve professional players and therefore we will be implementing a series of online blockades to further protect the crucial leisure poker player.” .

Basically the theory Mr. Selin is stating is that these sites only help the best players. The logic follows that if you help the best players get better, you will destroy the entire online poker ecology. And there is a lot of wisdom in this. Poker pros will play poker as long as they can make money at it. But fish on the other hand, need to be able to keep their money long enough to feel a value from it.

I, for one, agree. We must keep online poker a fun and casual thing that people can do for entertainment. I urge any casual players to sign up at Bodog poker and take advantage of their great deposit bonus. Bodog is a huge and trusted media outlet, they are a sports betting mecca, with a great casino and a very nice poker room. The poker action at Bodog has always been more casual then most sites, because of a sports betting clientele.

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