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Online poker players from the US had a tough year in 2011, and 2012 is starting no better. We where all given good news last year for Christmas, when the DOJ said it was wrong about the wire act being relevant to poker. But even with that news, no new USA poker sites have entered the market. And the ones that exist have serious issues.

The USA Facing Poker Sites:

Carbon Poker – The flagship site of the Merge poker network. Carbon poker has the advantage of being the largest US friendly site, and this creates the most playing opportunity. Carbon poker has very slow payouts, but players report the checks they eventually get are usually good.

Cake Poker – Cake poker is the flagship site of the Cake Poker Network. This poker network was on the absolute brink of disaster right before black Friday. The influx of new players form the aftermath of the major site closures has extended their existence, but who knows for how long.

True Poker – True poker has been a cute little niche site for a long time. Their slow interface, choppy tables and sub-par games always kept them from being a real player in the sector. They are kind of the PKR that never tried to get bettor. True poker has surprised the poker world with their ability to move money quickly, the only thing that currently matters for an online poker site for US players.

Bovada – Bovada is the new US facing product from the people that used to run bodog US. This is a complicated story, but the people that brought Bodog to the US are running Bovada. This is an entity to keep an eye on, as they are sure to have some great ideas to succeed. The only real problem from a poker players prospective is, they are focused on sports betting not poker. Poker player are worth much less then sports bettors to the house, and spots betting will draw the eyes of the US government.

In conclusion I would say that if you want to play poker online, and you are an American, beware. None of the current choices are good or safe. Keep your online bankroll small, and understand the risks.