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Did you know you could play online poker with a real dealer? Well, you can, Live Dealer Poker sites are doing it right now. In a blending of the old and new online poker rooms are doing what they can to expand the options players have.

How it works

Online poker with a live dealer uses a webcam. The dealer deals out the cards to the active spots on the table. At each of te spots on the dealers table are sensors that read what card shave been dealt. The sensors then transmit this to the software so each player can see their cards.

When the time comes the dealer will deal the flop, then the turn and river if needed. The game is played just like any other online poker game, just with a live dealer and real cards.


The biggest advantage of a live dealer is the use of real cards. Since the advent of online poker people have complained that the RNG(random number generator) did not ‘feel’ like how a real deck of cards would be dealt. Truth be told, I don’t understand that complaint, but I have heard it many times.

With a real dealer, dealing real cards in front of your eyes via a webcam you can have full faith in the process. You no longer are required to have faith in the RNG, you are at the fate of actual cards.


The biggest disadvantage of a live dealer is the speed of the game. Because the dealing is done by a person, and not a piece of software it takes more time. Virtual cards come up and out in just a small fraction of a second. They never get stuck on the finger, they never slide wrong. With an actual human dealer, and physical cards things happen to slow up the game.

In the end, the choice is yours. For me, I love online poker for the speed of the game. I like that there is no down time in the hand, waiting for a dealer. But, if you are the type of player that wants real cards, this is for you. But no matter what, you should give it a try and see if you like it.