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When you go to play an online tournament there are several questions you instantly ask yourself. Do I have any poker funds? What size buy-in am I looking for? How large of a tournament field do I want? What game do I want to play? The questions don’t take long to come up with, but some of the answers are a bit harder.

First you will have to play at a site you have an account with. This, of course might require you to download new software and sign up at a new poker site. You will also have to deposit money and this can sometimes take a bit of time, depending on where you live, your deposit method and the site you are depositing at. Be sure to try to get this all done a couple days before that tournament you ‘just have to play’ so you don’t end up on the sidelines.

The size of the buy-in you are looking for is an important factor. If you are looking for a small or micro stakes buy-in, you will find it easy to find tournaments. If you are looking for larger buy-ins of $100+ you will have to be a bit more patient and plan ahead.

As we all know, in tournaments the larger the field the larger the prize pool. If you like large prize pools, and in turn large fields the best course of action is guaranteed tournaments. To locate guaranteed prize pool tournaments you can visit Poker Tournament Tracker. When the poker site guarantees the prize, more player show up, and then the tournament gets even bigger then the guarantee.

If you like small tournaments and low buy-in I would suggest multi-table SNGs, as low buy-in tournaments usually have huge fields. Another option is to play at smaller sites, where less players on the network means smaller tournament fields.

Most online poker tournaments are played NL Texas Holdem. If you like to play any other game you will have to be a bit more patient and play at the biggest sites like Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker. At those two sites you will find a nice selection of Omaha, Stud and Mixed games tournaments.

Thanks to online poker you can find the tournament you want, when you want. The key is to play, play good and play some more. Be sure to always think about how you played the tournament, and how you can improve. Be honest with yourself about mistakes you made, and work to correct them. You will be playing in the big games in no time.

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