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Party Poker, for a limited time, is hosting rake free tournaments. If you don’t already have an account be sure to grab your party poker bonus code to make the most out of the deal! Because this is an amazing promotion, you will not want to miss.

Party Poker Rake Free Tournaments

The offer is simple, Party poker is not charging any rake on MTT starting now. Go over to Partypoker and play a tournament, you will see. The events are adjusted from $30 + $3 to $30 + $0. For events that are under six dollars, the rake has been added to the buy in, $2.70 + $0.30 becomes $3 + $0 and such.

What this means is all the player money used for entry is part of the prize pool, no money is spent on rake. This translates into the prize pool being 10% larger, and each paid player winning more money! Once word gets around that Part poker is offering rake free tournaments, they are going to get even bigger from players wanting to get in on the deal.

Obviously this is only for a limited time so act fast!

I have not heard any official word as to how long this promition will last but it might go on for the whole month if this blurb from the PartPoker website gives any indication: really is the only place to play this month. Just log in and pay no fees across all our multi-table satellites, qualifiers, rebuys, freezeouts, and deepstacks.

Lets hope it goes for the whole month, as this is a huge bonus for MTT players! You will want to go to Party poker and play in the multi-table tournaments while that are rake free. This is a great offer that will surely not be around for very long.

This promotion is probably in response to the FTP problems. Be sure to understand that Partypoker does not have any liabilities to the US government like FTP might, any past actions have been rectified. Has no exposure to US players or US banking like FTP might have. Partypoker is safe and secure, and want to be your online poker home.