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If you are the king of penny-ante poker, you need to download PKR poker software right now. The Penny Poker championship is starting, and you will want to be a part of it! PKR offers a great first deposit bonus, amazing 3d graphics and feature rich software.

The Penny Poker Championship is a 10 tournament series of events. The buy-ins range from a $0.06 re buy tournament, many $0.12 tournament, a $0.28 deep stack event and the $1.10 main event. This is a great tournament series because you can play in every event and it only costs you a couple dollars. But because of the size, guaranteed prize and bonuses for the top players you can have  a decent payday.

The formats are different for each tournament, so be sure to find the ones you like. You will find short handed, deep stack, terminator and rebuy tournaments as part of the series. The $1.10 buy-in main event is a $2,000 Guaranteed, six seated tournament, great for players who enjoy short handed play. This is also a great chance to try out tournament structures you have been hesitant to try before. With the Penny Poker Championship you will not have to put much money up to play.

Play in every tournament to rack up points in a series leaderboard. The higher you place in each event gets you more points. Finishing the Penny Poker Championship in the leaderboard top one hundred will garner you extra prizes. To the top ten leaderboard players  PKR will award a free ticket to there $25k GTD Main event, a $35 value. For players finishing in 11-100 place PKR will award a $5 mini-masters ticket. When you figure you are only putting in $0.12 or so to play each event, a $35 bonus to ten players is HUGE, good work PKR.

Tournament Dates and Times:

Date Time (GMT) Buy-in Tournament
Friday, 20 May 17:00 $0.12 $400 GTD PPC Speed (8 seater)
Saturday, 21 May 17:00 $0.28 $1,000 GTD PPC Deep Stack
Sunday, 22 May 18:30 $0.12 $400 GTD PPC Antes (9 seater)
Monday, 23 May 17:00 $0.12 $400 GTD PPC PLO (6 seater)
Tuesday, 24 May 17:00 $0.12 PPC Terminator
Wednesday, 25 May 17:00 $0.12 $400 GTD PPC Extra
Thursday, 26 May 17:00 $0.12 $400 GTD PPC Deeper & Steeper (7 seater)
Friday, 27 May 17:00 $0.12 $400 GTD PPC Triple Chance
Saturday, 28 May 17:00 $0.06 $500 GTDPPC Rebuy
Sunday, 29 May 18:30 $1.10 $2,000 GTD PPC Main Event (6 seater)

So as you can see, you are late! Get over there right now to get into the game!