PKR Poker Bonus


PKR is an online 3d poker site. It is often acclaimed for its stunning graphics, and life-like avatars. But PKR poker also offers a great first deposit bonus, visit the PKR Bonus Code site to learn more. PKR is closed to US players, but open to most of the rest of the world(check the site for all location).

At PKR the graphics are amazing. You can change the look and feel of the room, and environment. You can create a custom avatar, and continue to upgrade and change it to your liking.

When you download PKR and make your first deposit using a bonus code, you will get a deposit bonus. You will have to play real money tournaments and ring games to earn PKR points to release the bonus.

How to Earn PKR Points:

Tournaments: For every dollar you spend on tournament entry fees, you will earn 100 PKR points. The entry fee is the additional charge, above the buy-in, PKR charges to host the tournament.

Ring Games: Playing ring games is the fastest way to earn points. Up to 300 PKR points can be earned each hand, between all players. Basically for every dollar of rake, 100 PKR points are allotted. The points are split based on how much money you put in the pot. If the pot is $90, and the rake was maxed at $3, and you had $30 in the pot, you would be awarded 100 PKR points. This is 1/3 of the 300 PKR points awarded, since you had 1/3 of the money in the pot.

How to Clear PKR Bonus:

To clear the 100% up to $800 bonus at PKR, you will need 225 PKR points per $1 bonus. This sounds like a lot of points, but as you just saw, PKR points are easier to acquire then the points of other sites. Another huge factor to consider is PKR only releases the whole bonus, not incremental. You will have 60 days to clear your bonus, if you do not clear it in time, it is lost.