Play Lotto Online


If your like me, you love to buy a lottery ticket and dream about where you will spend your millions of dollars. And I just found a nice little site where you can play lotto online. You buy the tickets, you can even get a subscription so you don’t forget, and then you just sit back and collect any winnings.

The service is simple, they send a messenger service to purchase your ticket. After the tickets are purchased, they send a scanned copy, imprinted with your name on it to you. You now have your information to check the winning number yourself.

Now you get your tickets together and watch the drawing. Check each ticket and see if you are a winner. Who knows, someone has to win the big prize, it just might be you.

Collecting your prize is real simple. If the win is $600 or less, the messenger service will cash your ticket for you. The winnings can be applied to extend your subscription, or paid to you via check or bank transfer.

If you win a larger prize you will have to fill out paperwork, and return it to the messenger service. They may be able to cash the ticket for you, or you may have to claim it in person. Each lotto has their own specifics for how larger prizes are claimed. In the case you hit a jackpot, you will almost always have to claim the prize yourself.

As you can see, this makes thing so easy, and you will never forget to buy that ticket!

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