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In the game of poker you need a few items. You need cards, players, a table and you need chips. The point of chips is they have value. So the chips are best when they are worth money. Don’t get me wrong, playing for free or play chips is fun, but it is not the same game as when you play poker for money.

When you play poker for money the chips become weapons. They are what you have to protect your superior hand form being bested by a lesser hand that is on a draw. When you are a player that bets a lot you are called aggressive. This is because the act of betting is like pulling out a weapon and attacking their right to be in the pot.

Of course this is simply a metaphor, as no one will get physically hurt in most poker games played today. In the early days of the USA, in the west games where much more prone to violence. Today poker is much more the gentleman’s game, and of course ladies are always welcome.

But I digress, the point I was trying to make is playing poker for money is the way the game was meant to be played. It is the money, and the ability for a player to win or lose it, that makes the game interesting to most players.

Please, take heed and only play for money after you understand the rules of the games. It is also important to only play with an amount of money you are comfortable to lose. Poker is a skill game, and the better player tend to win in the long run. But poker is also a game of chance, and each session will have a luck related outcome.