Play Poker on Six Networks With One Bankroll

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The latest innovation in online poker is from Muchos Poker, where you can download and play at six poker networks from a centralized cashier.

This is a unique idea, that seems so simple I wonder why it took until now to be done. This is a great place for a player to keep a bankroll, because you can use it on so many poker networks.


Players who sign up for Muchos Poker are given a deposit bonus, that works for all networks. Simply play, and be rewarded. Players can also earn Muchos Points, and are eligible for network related VIP bonuses.


A huge plus to players of freeroll tournaments is you can play freerolls form six networks. This is a wonderful advantage, as you get to play more tournaments. Also your wins are all in a centralized bankroll so you can play your winnings at another network, or build it up for a larger stake.


Muchos poker allows players access to Enet Poker, PIVentract, Everleaf Gaming, Cake Poker, Merge Gaming Network and Casino de Venezia. They are all smaller networks, but that is even more reason to have a centralized location to play them.

Each network has their own advantages and disadvantages, but Muchos Poker mitigates the effect they have on your playing experience.


In truth, I can’t believe this concept took so long to get here. I think it a solid way for a serious player to have a nice bankroll for use on several networks. For a winning player looking for more options, to the newer professional with a limited bankroll, this is a great place to play.

I think that for the serious and accomplished bonus whore, there are better ways to squeeze maximum value from the sites. You must look at your situation and decide what is best for you.