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For many poker players making a bet on a sports game or a horse race is a natural thing. Who doesn’t play a couple hands of blackjack, or take a few throws of the dice at the craps table when they visit the casino to play poker. Heck, maybe roulette or video poker is your game, but the point is many people like to play a bit more than just poker.

In the brick and mortar casino world, playing several different games in a single visit is easy. You might need to cash out the chips of one game and buy the right chips for the game you want to play, but it is simple and a cashier will take care of you. In the online poker world, it can be a bit tougher.

Many of the online poker sites offer just that, poker. They may have many poker games, but often that is the extent of it. Now some of the poker sites have added blackjack, and a couple even have small casinos.

One site has a clear advantage over the rest, Bodog. Playing poker at Bodog poker has a ton of advantages, check out the bodog poker review for more information. With a wide array of gambling options, you can use your bankroll for all your gaming wants. They have a casino, sports book, poker room and even horse races. Well, they don’t have the horse races, but you can bet on ones from across the globe.

The Bodog casino is stuffed full with games. They have over a dozen different table games including Blackjack, Baccarat and Caribbean Stud. They have more slots than I could count, more than 80. They have a “Real-Series” video slots, they have 3-reel and 5-reel games. You can play slot machines with 20 pay lines, 9 pay lines and even one pay line. They even have slot machines with a progressive bonus. As if that wasn’t enough, you will also find just about every variation of video poker.

If betting on sports is your thing, then Bodog is your place. With great lines on all the events you are sure to find places for your action at Bodog. Be it NFL, NBA or even NHL you will find it at Bodog. But it doesn’t stop at top American sports. You will find Cricket, Association Football(soccer) and even Darts. You can even experience live betting during select events!

Since 1994 Bodog has been running one of the best online gambling destinations. They are well known as a company that pays fast, and reliably when it is time to cash out your winnings. Bodog is a solid, safe and secure company,with a long proven track record.