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In the early days of internet poker, there was no such thing as Mac Poker Sites. The original online poker sites like Planet poker and Paradise poker never had a mac client. You could only play them on a Windows based PC.

At the time, the 1990’s it really wasn’t a big deal. Apple was a struggling company with a tiny market share. As the internet boom of 2003 took hold, Apple was also advancing in the computer arena. Several sites started having either a Mac download, or more likely a Flash applet Mac users could use to play online poker.

These days it is a lot easier to play poker on a Mac. Apple is a huge piece of the computer world, and the online poker sites want Mac users to play on their site. There are three basic options for playing online poker on a mac.

Mac Software
The best option is to use native Mac software, the .dmg file suffix. This is software designed to be played on a Mac in OS X operating system. Many online poker sites offer this with the big names such as Partypoker, PokerStars and FullTilt Poker and even smaller networks like the merge network have recently released a .dmg version of their software.

Flash Applet
The old time favorite, or at least what was “the best option” is the Flash Applet. This is a stand alone, no download version of the software. Besides the fact that since it is flash it will work on a Mac, the fact you don’t have to download it can make for a nice option. This is also the “at work” version for a lot of people, but we advise against that.

Install Windows
The last resort option is to install windows on your mac. I know, why would someone get a Mac and install window? Well, in some cases you have to to use software. This is a reality that is slipping away, as Apple commands a larger PC market share. To install Windows on a Mac you will use Bootcamp. Bootcamp will make the Windows install easy, like everything on a Mac. Once you boot up in Windows for the first time, you just need to insert the OS X disc that came with your Mac and Bootcamp will install all of the drivers needed for your Mac.

The truth is, it is very easy to play poker on a Mac these days. Every major online poker site has a solution to playing poker for Mac users. Most of the sites will recognize you are using a mac, and simply offer Mac software for download.