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It goes without saying that if you fail to practice poker bankroll management, then you could potentially lose everything you deposited. If you don’t have more money to deposit into the poker site, then you can’t play poker, which is a really big deal if you love playing the game. If you are looking to get started with building a poker bankroll, look at the various free bankroll options.

The sooner you learn to understand the importance of poker bankroll management, the quicker you will learn that playing outside your means and bankroll is a really stupid thing to do. The best mindset to undertake is to now allow your ego to get in the way. Even though it can be exciting to play in higher stakes games, if you are sitting down at the table with your full bankroll, you will inevitably allow emotions to control your decisions, because you will be thinking about the money, instead of the decisions you need to make.

In addition, the higher stakes games have tougher opponents, because of the potential to make a lot more money. As a novice player, it is going to be incredibly difficult not to get outplayed by these type of opponents, as they are more experienced then you. Instead, play in the lower stakes games where you will find the majority of the player pool are beginners, making the same mistakes and learning the game like yourself.

Even if you happen to lose a buy-in playing in micro stakes games, its hardly going to put a big dent into your poker bankroll. But if you are not following strict poker bankroll management principles, and you make a $100 first time deposit onto a online poker site, and then proceed to sit down at 100nl, maybe you will win a few small pots, but in a matter of hours/days you will eventually lose it all, even if it happens to be a bad beat.

One of the main advantages of playing with proper bankroll management is that your bankroll can deal with the bad beats/suckouts. You learn to accept this is part of the game, and your bankroll will not suffer greatly from it. If you go on a bit of a downswing you can always move down a limit to boost your confidence and to recover the losses. As soon as you have enough buy-ins to play at the next level, you can move up, if you have confidence in your game.

How many buy-ins do you need for good poker bankroll management? Generally, 25-30 buy ins is the minimum you would want for playing cash games at a limit you know you can beat, it is a sufficient sized bankroll to ride out the downswings, which can happen to even the best poker players. For example, if you are playing 50nl then $1500 would be a big enough online poker bankroll. Cash games are lower variance, but if you are playing higher variance games like SNG’s or MTT’s, it would help to have an even bigger poker bankroll to ride out the downswings. With large field MTT’s, you can play a lot of tournaments without even making the money! Don’t forget, if you take advantage of a free bankroll at InstantPokerMoney you will have real money to play with in no time.

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