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A business sales growth chart in green with a yellow arrowOne thing that many online poker players fail to consider at all is the practice of bonus whoring. Poker bonus whoring may sound derogatory, but in the word of online poker it’s an accepted way for new and experienced players alike to make a lot of free poker money to boost their bankroll.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, the process of poker bonus whoring is a simple process to grasp and in a nutshell it involves.

  • First of all, you want to pick a poker room with a huge first deposit bonus.
  • Take advantage of the deposit bonus as you possibly can (i.e. if they’re offering 100% up to $400, try to deposit $400 or as close to the maximum amount as possible.)
  • Clear all of the bonus.
  • Then take your bankroll and move onto the next poker room.
  • Rinse and repeat at a different room.

Deposit bonuses offered by all the popular online poker rooms serve a number of different purposes. For the most part, it’s a way for a poker room to attract new players so they sign up for a new account and continue playing. For the player, it’s basically free money just for playing their favorite poker games they would have played otherwise.

By taking advantage of poker bonus whoring, online poker players will increase their bankroll by a huge amount because they’re also playing to clear a bonus offered by the poker site. This is on top of whatever money they are making from poker. There will be play through requirements enforced by the room’s to ensure you don’t claim a bonus and leave straight away, but you’ll be able to receive an incremental amount of the bonus owed to you after earning the required number of player points necessary to clear the bonus.

Further to this, online poker players that are either break even or slightly losing players have the opportunity to become winning players. This is because the bonus money they’re collecting is more than making up for what they may be losing at the poker tables over the course of a week or month of play.

With so many online poker rooms out there that are offering huge deposit bonuses it would be possible to spend a substantial amount of time playing online poker just to obtain a bonus, clearing it, and then moving onto the next poker room in order to clear another bonus offer. Over the course of 6-months or a year you could potentially make hundreds or thousands of extra dollars simply from bonus whoring.

With all of that being said, you don’t want to fall into the trap of going on autopilot and playing poker online when you don’t really feel like it just to be able to clear a bonus offer. When playing with a poker bonus pending in your account it can be easy to get distracted and stop playing your A game. The bonus money should never be the main focus you want to be making the right decisions each hand you play first and foremost.