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Betfair Poker has some fun new poker games, using dice instead of cards. The games are fast paced and a ton of fun. Blending the fast paced action of a dice game with the skill based competition of a poker game, has proven to be a real winner.

Shoot the Moons

Shoot the Moons is a multiplayer dice game that can be played as a cash game, sit n go or a tournament. Players ante to start the game, and seed the pot to create action. All players roll two dice, three times in an effort to get the highest total. There is a betting round after each roll, and the last roll is hidden from the opposing players. The game has its roots in stud poker, and is a fast live action game. The twist of the game is if a player rolls a double three(called: ‘Shoot the Moons’) on the last roll, that player gets half the pot.

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Dice Hold’em

Dice hold,em is exactly what it sounds like, Texas holdem played with dice. Each player is dealt two hole dice, after the blinds are placed. The board is made with the traditional flop, turn and river with betting rounds in the usual places. The hands are ranked just as in hold’em, with the exception that there are no flushes. You can play this game in ring game, SNG and tournament format.

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Liars Dice

Have you ever played liers poker with your paper money? This is a game like that, except players each get five rolled dice to play with. The game is only played as a cash game and heads up, so player will have ten dice to make their hand. You play the game by bidding a hand, like “two sixes” (6,6). The other player can increase the bid “three fours” (4,4,4), or call you by saying “liar!”. When a challenge is eventually made, the challenger wins if their opponent was lying (their bid was false) or loses if their bid was true. The game is played with six sided dice, but instead of a 1 they have a star. The star is wild and can be used as any number to complete the hand.

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