Intermediate Strategy


Once you have mastered the hand ranking in 2-7 Triple Draw the next step in your strategy is knowing how to bet. After all poker is all about winning the pot and that means you need to know how to handle your opponents to make the most out of them. Your basic strategy is to play good strong hands with aggressive betting. This means right from the first round if you are holding a good enough hand. Although it may be tempting to let others keep going for further rounds and so increase the pot you have to remember that by standing pat you are giving a good indication that you have a winner. Also you run the risk of having a limping hand pull through in the final rounds and drawing a winning hand.

A better idea is to keep the table guessing by playing your strong hands the way you play a strong drawing hand, that is a hand only needs to draw one card to become much stonger. You would bet on a strong drawing hand in the first round so you don’t give anything away by betting on a nut or near nut hand in the first round either. By the time it comes to the draw and you stand pat it will be too late for those who have already added to the pot.

So which hands should you go in strong with? A top eight hand is going to win the vast majority of times so if as soon as you are holding it start betting like you mean it. Keep an eye also on how you opponents bet in relation to their drawing. A player who keeps calling but drawing just one card each round is trying to complete a hand and if you stand pat but bet hard you may force a fold in the final round or decide to stay with what they have out of fear of making their hand worse.

Also if you draw less cards then your opponents then you are usually in a stronger position. This is good to note because your opponent can’t know how well you drew. If you follow your draw with strong betting they will assume you caught the hand you wanted and be more cautious about going against you.

In Triple Draw it is a common for players who are holding a good low hand to draw a pair on the last round. This can happen to anyone and you can use this to play against your opponents. If you are holding a reasonable hand in the last round and your opponent draws a card but you stand pat. You best tactic is to go in hard and raise. For all he knows you have good strong hand and if he did just pick up a pair he will fold out.

Tight aggressive play should start right as soon as you see a hand that can take you to the pot. Once you have your nut hand play hard and bold.