Beginners Strategy


In 7 Card Stud your initial dealt hand is the most important stage of the game. Based on your 3rd street and door card you will decide whether or not you should continue in the round of fold. Here are some pointers to get you started.

A first rule of 7 Card Stud is not to get too attached to your antes. Many players are unwilling to give up the money they have laid down but only end up paying out even more chasing hands that aren’t going to win. Your antes are small, so let them go and save your chips for when you need them.

Once you receive your initial dealt cards putting you on 3rd street the best hand to hold is three of a kind. This is a very strong hand and you can take this all the way to 7th street. A high pair of tens or above is also a good starting hand. There is a good chance for you to make triple or another pair with this hand however you will need to keep an eye on your opponents. If one them is showing a high card of a rank that beats your pair you may be in trouble.

Don’t be fooled by a three cards of the same suit. Although you are over halfway to a flush with plenty of cards to come you are still holding a draw hand, that is a hand that needs to draw other cards to be worth anything at all. The best way to play this is to consider the rank value of your cards. If you potential flush includes a high card then you are in a better position because even if you don’t make the flush you might still pair up. Also keep an eye on the cards your opponents are showing. For each card of the suit that you require that is showing your chances of drawing your flush are reduced.

If there are plenty of raises made on 3rd street you are better off letting it go.Drawing three to a straight is similar to holding a flush. You could make a good strong finishing hand but the odds are against you. The key here is to only go with an outside straight. This means you have three consecutive cards to a straight and only require cards on the end to complete your hand for instance 10-J-Q. This is twice as strong as an inside straight such as 9-J-Q. Also, the higher your top cards are the better because even if you don’t make the straight you might still get a pair out of it. The trick here is to only go to 5th and 6th street if you can do it on the cheap without having to call a lot of raises by other players.

Lower pairs should be tossed unless you have a high kicker to go with them, that is a high-ranking card. You low pair is likely to be beaten anyway and you would only take the pot if you drew two pairs or a three of a kind.

Any other hands should be folded as they aren’t worth following through on.