Intermediate Strategy

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Once you are familiar with the strong starting hands in 7 Card Stud you should further hone your skills by applying betting strategy. In 7 Card Stud your betting strategy on 3rd and 4th street is crucial to your success because on 5th Street the stakes doubled making it an expensive place for mistakes.

On 4th street you should already have a good hand. Taking as an example three of a kind or even better four of a kind then you are very likely to win the pot. If you were holding three of a kind on 3rd street then your betting should have been mild, only enough to keep you in the pot. You don’t want to scare off your opponents but rather let them keep drawing cards hopefully picking up attractive looking hands that are lower than yours. The same applies on 4th street. If you are holding four of a kind, keep the other players in the pot because it is all adding to your win.

If you are still holding three of kind on 4th street you need to be more cautious. You can try to drive out opponents by betting hard and scaring them off. However, you need to keep a sharp eye on the showing cards of those who stay in the pot. If another player has cards that show a good probability of a hand better than yours, you need to spot that in time.

Holding two pair on 4th street is a tricky play. The key here is card rank. If you are holding a high pair then try and scare off opponents if there are still more than four in the pot but pay attention to how they bet on their own cards.

If you are holding only a high pair on 4th street then it is make or break time. You need to decide the pot now and then. First take a good look at what you opponents are showing. If there is a pair there that beats yours then fold. If not then try and raise the bet to see what happens. If they call you or raise you may be in trouble but it is worth finding out now rather than waiting till 5th street when it will cost you twice as much.

If you are holding four cards to a flush or a straight take a look around the table. If more three or more of the cards that you need are showing then back down because you are fighting some serious odds. If nothing is showing then call the raises and stay in because if you do get lucky and pull your card you can make a big win.

Finally a low pair is a very risky hand to hold on 4th street. If you can get to 5th for free then by all means go for it or otherwise you can always play your low pair as a bluffed hand but usually a low pair should be dropped before it causes you too much damage.