Intermediate Strategy

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Omaha Holdem is exciting because the pots are often large but to win them you will need to play nut hands, that is the best possible hand that the board cards can make. Many players are far too loose when playing Omaha and that can be used to your advantage when you know you have a nut hand.

The key stage in the game is the flop. You need to recognize which hands are worth taking past the flop and what you should be aiming for. Strong starting hands are high pairs of ten or more or an ace with a high card of the same suit. These can lead to high sets of three or a full house.

Good hands that you can take past the flop are two suited high cards or just two high cards. An ace suited with a middle card also has a lot of potential. Middle pairs such as 99, 88, 77, and 66 are also good potential. Finally connecting suited cards such as 10,9 or 9,8 or 8,7 are useful as they may lead to a straight flush. Four high cards can also be taken to the flop and so can a three card straight with a pair from your fourth pocket card. On the other hand, if you draw four of a kind or even three of a kind for your pocket cards then throw them away. You aren’t going to be able to use them to make a useful hand. Likewise if you draw three of a kind for your pocket cards then you should fold, unless you get three aces and a high suited card. A high pair is unlikely to get you anywhere in Omaha Holdem. It is bound to be beaten by another hand and should not be taken past the turn.

Following the flop you should have at least two pair or a set of three of something. Even then a set is a very mediocre hand in Omaha so unless it is a high set leave it. Anything less is almost certainly already beaten. In particular, don’t put any hopes in a low pair if that is all you have after the flop.

Watch how your opponents play after the flop. Many players have their weakness in the post-flop game and that is where you can learn the most about them. Do they play too many hands? The key is to remember that in Omaha high hands are not just common, they are the only winners. For example, if there is a pair on the board then at least one other player is likely to have a full house, so you need to do better than that. This means that most of the time you should be folding after the flop or turn. Players that keep going to the river are playing far to loose and that mean you can cash in on them when you do have a strong hand.

Always be aware of the best three hands that can be made using the available board cards. If you aren’t holding one of them you should probably fold.