Sit and Go's


Sit and Go, or SNG as it usually called, is a kind of poker tournament in which the number or players is limited. When enough players have registered to fill the quota the tournament begins. This is in contrast to regular poker tournaments that usually begin at a specific time and will take as many players as can be fitted at the tables. For this reason SNG tournaments tend to involve fewer players so that the tournaments can begin as soon as possible. The buy-in fee for an SNG contest can vary from a dollar to hundreds of dollars.

Often an SNG tournament will be for a single table with ten players, if the style of poker game allows that many players on one table. As soon as there are ten players at the table the tournament starts and many casinos will host several parallel SNG tournament tables at the same time.

Brick and mortar casinos tend to shy away from SNG events and keep to traditional large-scale tournaments. However, SNG style of tournaments are very popular online because with tens of thousands of players all over the world you usually won’t very long at all until a table fills up. On most of the larger online gambling sites there are constant SNG tournaments starting 24-hours a day at dozens of tables.

As each round progresses in an SNG the blinds are raises as with regular poker tournaments. The rate at which the blinds are raises varies from tournament to tournament.

Like all poker tournaments the winning prize money is made up of the buy-in fees. Prize money is usually divided between the top three players. Be aware that many online casinos charge a small fee for hosting the SNG event and this is in addition to the buy-in fee. Buy-ins and fees notation are written as, for example, $10+1 meaning a $10 buy-in and a $1 dollar fee. Prize money is usually paid out with first prize getting 50% of the buy-ins, second taking 30% and third place taking %20.

It is now possible to play several SNG tournaments a day at any time of the day or night making it an attractive option for players looking to make real money from their poker. There are many players who spend their time only in SNG tournaments making their living there instead of trying to cash in on a big prize in larger tournaments.

The SNG tournaments are also a good training ground for those looking to improve their poker skills in particular with a view to taking part in larger more lucrative tournaments. Sitting at an SNG table is much like taking a short cut to the final table of a big tournament making these kind of tournaments exciting and fun to play. The level of play can vary from beginners trying their luck to old hands earning their daily bread, and because of the often small buy-ins SNGs continue to attract a broad spectrum of players. If you are looking to get a taste of competition play Sit and Go tournaments are a good place to start.