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If you read my blog, you know I like to say the easiest way for you to be a winning player is to utilize the poker room bonuses. When you get Free Poker Chips from the bonus, it is that much easier to show a win. In the beginning of your online poker career, you should always be working off an online poker bonus.

Some sites offer instant bonuses, and other require you to play to earn it. With an instant bonus, you get the chips added to your bankroll right from the start. Often these instant bonuses are smaller, sometimes with a larger one you earn as you play.

When you earn a bonus you play poker and earn points. The points count towards a release amount, that when reached is added to your bankroll. This is how most online poker bonuses are now a days. In the end, this is fine as you where going to play poker anyway.

Remember, when you are playing off a bonus play tight. You are making a profit for breaking even, and a tight but aggressive strategy fits the bill here. Only start with your premium hands, playing wisely in the late streets. If the table texture is correct, you can steel the blinds occasionally, but don’t get carried away.

Use this time to get a feel for the poker room and the software. Look through all the features, find the configuration that works for you. You will want to take advantage of the note taking features the poker rooms provide. You will face the same opponents again and again, why not take notes about their play.

As you work off bonuses at several sites, you will find you like some more then others. Great, now you know where you will be playing the most. Find out about reload bonuses from you favorite sites, and be sure to get all the details about their frequent players program.

Be sure to read through all the rules for any special offers, you will want to take full advantage of them. The offers poker sites have can be for free tournament entries, merchandise and even cash. Poker rooms are always good at rewarding their best customers.

So what are you waiting for, download a new poker room today, and take advantage of the free money they will pay you just to play poker!