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PokerStars is continuing to bring the best in poker action each and every Sunday. As you already know Poker stars is the worlds biggest poker room. With the worlds largest players base comes the worlds larges tournaments, if you don’t already have an account be sure to check out the PokerStars Review and get signed up.

The latest offering for Sunday is a is a $55 + 1 Rebuy, 1 Add-on tournament, with a $50,000 guarantee. It is being called the Sunday Cubed tournament, since it is $55+1 to the third power or cubed in math jargon. Like all the Sunday lineup at PokerStars, this is sure to be a huge success.

This tournament is part of PokerStars ever growing attempts to cater to the new completely non-American player base. The PokerStars Sunday Cubed starts at 05:00 ET, making it ideal for players in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

PokerStars now has increased their number of major tournaments on Sunday to ten. You can find entry fees form $11 all the way up to $530. If you want to play in big tournaments, that have huge prize pools, PokerStars on Sunday has always been the place to go.

PokerStars Sunday Tournament Lineup:

Tournament Buy-in Time Guarantee
PokerStars Sunday Cubed $55 1R1A 05:00 ET $50,000
PokerStars Sunday Kickoff $109 08:00 ET $75,000
PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up $215 11:00 ET $500,000
PokerStars Sunday Rebuy $109 +R1A 12:00 ET $200,000
PokerStars Sunday Storm $11 13:30 ET $200,000
PokerStars Sunday Million $215 14:30 ET $1,000,000
PokerStars Sunday 500 $530 15:30 ET $250,000
PokerStars Sunday Second Chance $215 16:30 ET $125,000
PokerStars Sunday 6-Max $162 17:00 ET $60,000
PokerStars Sunday Supersonic $215 18:30 ET $40,000