Pokerstars offices in Costa Rica raided

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News of pokerstars offices in Costa Rica traveled swiftly across the internet today. It looks like the raid happened, all the employees where sent home, and the raid ended, and it was business as usual again. Pokerstars quickly released this comment on 2+2 poker forum:

“PokerStars continues to operate the world’s largest poker room, business as usual. It is true that the OIJ is currently at the PokerStars Costa Rican office and has sent employees home temporarily, but employees will be able to return in a few hours. PokerStars expects the office to return to business as usual in short order as this action was most likely taken as a response to problems experienced by other local companies in the same industry”

And then 20 min later:

“The PokerStars office in Costa Rica is now back open. Employees are already returning to work.”


The case turns out to be that the OIJ raided the wrong offices. They where looking for three suspects, none of whom are Pokerstars employees. It is told the officers came in like in a cop show, ordering people away from their computers, and asking where the servers where located.

After a short while, it was realized they where not in the correct place. After a cup of coffee or two in the employee break area, the agents left without removing a single paper or computer.

Great news to see there are no new problems at Pokerstars.