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PokerStars is the worlds largest poker room, and they are gearing up to have dealt 100 billion hands. The prizes are huge, and everyone will be trying to get a piece of the landmark hands.

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Special Edition Milestone Hand Celebration

PokerStars is heading towards dealing its 100 billionth hand, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in milestone hand prizes paid out along the way. There will be a special edition of the Road to 100 Billion for the 10th Anniversary, with cash on the line for every millionth hand from numbers 71,700,000,000-72,000,000,000, including $10,000 for all players dealt into the Mega Milestone hand. Play Now!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of being dealt into a milestone hand is play as many ring games as you can. You can keep track of the current hand by looking at the ‘Hand’ number listed in the top left corner of any ring game table in the game client. When you see a milestone approaching, it’s time to play more!

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Here’s how the 10th Anniversary Milestone Hands celebration works:

  • Starting from hand #71,700,000,000, prizes will be awarded for all players dealt into every millionth hand (e.g. 71,902,000,000).
  • Prizes are calculated based on how many VPPs you have earned on any table that gets dealt into a milestone hand. See the Road to 100 Billion Examples page to find out how much you could potentially win.
  • More than $750,000 will be awarded in total, to more than 1,000 players.
  • The winner of the Mega Milestone hand (#72,000,000,000) will win at least $20,000.

Please Note: Heads-up ring games will be unavailable for a period of a few hours before the Mega Milestone hand is due to hit. We apologize to any player who may find their favorite games unavailable during this period.

Milestone Hands 10th Anniversary Timeline

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PokerStars has dealt more hands than any other online poker room, and each major milestone has been celebrated with huge cash payouts for the same players that made it all happen. Major cash giveaway promotions ran in the run up to the 5th (2006), 25th (2009), 40th and 50th billion hands dealt (both in 2010), and since then the Road to 100 Billion has celebrated the 60th, 65th and 70th billion milestones. It’s a long way since the first-ever hand was dealt, back in 2001!