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Pokerstars want your business, and they are offering amazing rewards to you. During VIP Club Mega Month, the normal VIP Player Point (VPP) requirements for each monthly VIP Club level are being dropped to just 10% of their normal value!

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The entire month of August is the PokerStars VIP Club Mega Month. As part of this promotion, PokerStars has slashed the VIP Player Point (VPP) earning requirements for its monthly VIP levels by 90%. This means that players can become a SilverStar VIP in August by earning just 75 VPPs. Players who normally play enough to achieve SilverStar VIP status will earn PlatinumStar VIP status.

This promotion allows PokerStars players to reap the benefits of higher VIP statuses more quickly. They’ll earn more FPPs, have more VIP Store items available to them, and be able to participate in extra VIP Tournaments.

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Players will keep the status they earn in August through to the end of September. For reaching the same monthly status again in September, they will be eligible for the following VIP rewards:

VIP Club Level Continuing Monthly Cash and Tournament Rewards
BronzeStar Up to $21 (15-17%)
SilverStar Starting at $26 (19-21%)
GoldStar Starting at $129 (24-26%)
PlatinumStar Starting at $382 (28-31%)

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A large benefit of moving up the VIP levels more quickly comes in the form of Frequent Player Point (FPP) multipliers. As players move up the VIP levels, they earn more FPPs for the same amount of play. PokerStars VIPs are able to redeem their FPPs for cash, tournament entries, PokerStars merchandise, and more in the VIP Store. Higher level VIPs have access to more and better items, including cash bonuses with better value.

FPPs can also be used to buy-in to VIP Tournaments and satellites to major online and live events. For instance, GoldStar and PlatinumStar VIPs can satellite into the Quarterly $1,000,000 VIP Tournament on August 20 for 1,500 FPPs. There is also the Monthly $100,000 VIP Tournament, a freeroll for GoldStar+ VIPs, on August 27. VIP Tournaments can be found under the ‘Tourney > VIP > All’ tab in the PokerStars client. FPP satellites can also be found under the ‘Tourney > Satellite > FPP’ and ‘Sit & Go > Satellite > FPP’ tabs.

If you wish to maintain your VIP Club Mega Month status into October, you will need to earn the regular VPP requirements for monthly VIP levels in September. That’s 750 VPPs for SilverStar, 3,000 VPPs for GoldStar and 7,500 VPPs for PlatinumStar status.

Please note: This promotion does not affect the yearly VIP statuses: Supernova and Supernova Elite.

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