Howard Lederer


Howard Lederer was born in Concord, NH on Oct. 30, 1964. His father is an American author, speaker and teacher. He has two sisters, most reading this will know his poker playing sister Annie Duke, but his other sister Katy is and accomplished poet and author. Yes, Howard is just one of many success stories of his family.

Howard Lederer was a chess prodigy in his youth, and moved to New York after high school. New York is known for its notable chess clubs like the Manhattan Chess Club and the Marshall Chess Club. It was in these New York Chess clubs that Howard would be introduced to the game of poker.

Howard Lederer struggled in the beginning. For about two years he played 70-80 hours a week. He also lost more sessions that he won, and claims he went broke 9/10 nights. Each day he would earn a new stake by running errands for the other poker players. He eventually realized that this hectic pace, and all night sessions where not helpful to his game.

Howard took a big step back, started getting full nights of sleep and his game started to improve. He was beginning his journey to being one of the most successful poker players ever.

Howard Lederer was playing poker in New York at The Mayfair Club. Other poker greats who played their at the time include Erik Seidel and Dan Harrington. The Mayfair Club was a legendary bridge and backgammon club and home to a circle of the worlds best games players.

The games  at The Mayfair Club would start around 4PM and go till about 2AM, then off to the bar to talk the entire session out. The game of Texas Hold-em was new to all the players. But game theory and poker was not. It is likely that these brain storming season played a huge factor in his success.

Having confidence in his poker play Howard was ready for bigger games. In 1993 Howard moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in search of higher stakes cash games. The big games in Las Vegas is where he put his energy until 2002. This is when the WPT started to have monthly tournaments. His tournament game started good and has continued to improve over the years.

Howard Lederer has won 2 WSOP braklets, one in 2000 and the other in 2001. In 2000 he won the $5000 Limit Omaha Hi-lo for a prize of $198,000. In 2001 He won the $5000 Deuce to Seven Draw tournament for a prize of $165,870. In 2008 Howard Lederer won the $100,000 No Limit Texas Hold-em Challenge at the Aussie Millions Tournament. This tournament has the world’s most expensive buy-in at $100,000. The won the prize of AUD1.25Million for his victory.

As of 2009, his total live tournament winnings exceed $5,200,000. His 41 cashes as the WSOP account for $1,332,816 of those winnings. In addition to these tournament winnings he played cash games in Las Vegas for 9 years, and several years in New York.

Howard Lederer is known as “the Professor” because of his analytical style and thoughtful demeanor. He has made an instructional poker video called “Secrets of No Limit Hold’em” and he runs the “Howard Lederer Poker Fantasy Camp”. He also co-hosts “Poker Superstars“ and “Learn from the Pros” for the Fox Broadcasting Company.

Howard Lederer is one of the founders of “Tiltware Inc” which has since become “Pocket Kings” . He is one of many pro poker players who is the face of Full Tilt Poker. He is seen at tournaments wearing the Full Tilt Poker logo, promoting the site. He offers tips and players can play online poker with him and other pros at full Tilt Poker.

Howard and his wife, Suzie, are active philanthropists in the community. In 2009, they hosted their first annual April Fool’s fundraiser tournament at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The event was a huge success and raised money for the Las Vegas Springs Reserve. Then, in July, the Lederers hosted another charity poker tournament alongside their seventh-annual World Series of Barbecue (a popular Las Vegas social event). The event raised money for the Boys and Girls Club of Las Vegas. As a special bonus the first place prize included a seat on NBC’s television program Poker After Dark.

Howard Lederer is a poker great. He has a huge lifetime win amount, and no signs of letting up. He is a great poker player that studies and learns the game, so he is ever improving. Howard lives in Las Vegas with his wife and son. The family also has 3 dogs.