Peter Eastgate


Peter Eastgate has been playing poker ever since he graduated from high school in Odense, Denmark. For most people, the idea of going straight from high school to playing poker for a living would be a scary one. But most people aren’t at all like Peter Eastgate. In just a few short years, he would find himself going from amateur to being one of the highest earning poker players of all time.

He made his first impression on the live tournament scene at The Irish Open in 2007 – making the final table for $46,714. It was only a small win, but it proved that Peter had the abilities to play well in events with huge fields, filled with the best players in the game. Then came two cash finishes on the European Poker Tour. He racked up $16,610 for a 32nd place finish at the Copenhagen event in Season 4. This was proceeded later in the season by an 18th place finish at the London leg of the tour – good for another $29,871. They were impressive results, but Eastgate seemed destined to accomplish way bigger things than even that. Over in Las Vegas, NV in July 2008, that’s exactly what was about to happen.

When the World Series of Poker came into town, it was evident that the Main Event was going to be another big one. By the time the poker dealers shuffled up the cards and dealt, there were 6,844 players ready to take their shot at the big time. Days later and Peter came out as one of the last men standing – ready to return in November for the Final round. He started off 4th in chips and as one of the favorites to win. By the time it was just him and and one other player left, Peter had his opponent out chipped by 3:1. It was all over four hours and one hundred and five hands later, with Peter being crowned the new Champion. Along with the title and bracelet came a payout of $9,152,416 – one of the biggest cash finishes in the history of poker and one that puts Peter at the top of the cash list for players from Denmark, and Scandinavia as a whole. He is also now in the record books as the youngest winner of the Main Event – at just the very tender age of twenty two.

Possibly the most incredible fact about Peter’s success though is that he doesn’t even consider himself to primarily be a live player. Before this year’s World Series, most of his poker earnings came from the high stakes cash tables on the Internet at

Still young and only in his early 20’s, Peter is already living the poker fantasy, accomplishing more in just a few years than most poker players do in their entire life. If he never wins in an other tournament again, it wouldn’t even be an issue. He could retire from the game now and still live off his winnings for the rest of his life. Just don’t place any bets on that happening anytime soon.