Phil Ivey


Phil Ivey was born in Riverside, CA on Feb 1, 1976. His family moved to Abscon, NJ when he was just  three months old. Phil was raised in New Jersey, and had a taste for action at a young age. He has had aspirations to be a pro poker player since he was a small buy. Phil Ivey is a Full Tilt Poker pro.

Phil Iveys grandfather, hoping to teach Phil a lesson, teaches him the game of five-card stud. He insures Phils defeat by dealing of the bottom of the deck, hoping to send Phil the message of the peril of the game. But Phil is undeterred, and continues to soak up any knowledge about the game.

Phil spends his time as a youth watching and studying poker home games from the sidelines. He is watching the action, and learning how to spot tells. Eventually it is time to play, so he began his poker career in Atlantic city.

Phil Ivey is too young to get in the casinos at the time, so he borrows a friends ID. He spends huge amounts of time in the Atlantic City casinos. So much time in fact he develops the nickname “ No Home Jerome”, based on the name on the ID he is using at the time.

This was a time of learning for young Phil. Ivey. He was taking his lumps, like all new players do, but he was soaking it all in. He was putting all his energy on becoming the worlds best poker player. After his 21st birthday he introduced himself to the casino staff as Phil Ivey and presented his own ID. Finely he could begin to make a name for himself.

Moving forward it is June, 2000. Phil Ivey is 23 years old, and still a fresh face kid. But phil is the heart of it all. It is the final table of WSOP #14 event, $2,500 buy in Limit Omaha Tournament. The table is loaded with big names David “Devilfish” Ulliot, Phil Hellmuth, Markus Golser, Dave Colclough,  and “Amarillo Slim” Preston.  Amarillo Slim had never lost a WSOP final table, not even to Doyle Brunson.

The action at this table is fast and ferocious. Slim knocks out the develfish and Phil finds spots to knok out a short stacked Hellmouth then sending Gosler out behind him. Now its down to two, for the braclet.

Amarillo Slim is in great shape, he has a health chip lead and has bean unstoppable all tournament. Phil on the other hand has been timid, only coming out of hole to strike quickly and run back for cover. This has worked great at getting him hear, but it won’t slay the giant before him.

But Phil Ivey knows this, and has a plan. At the moment they go heads up, Phil takes off the brakes and jams his foot on the gas. Preston doesn’t know what hit him, and Phil takes down two major pots to become the chip leader.

Amarillo Slim tries in vain to recover, eventually committing all his chips after flopping a straight. Ivey calls on a gut shot, and turns the winner. History is made, and Phil Ivey has his first bracelet, nearly $200,000, and denied a member of poker royalty his crown.

2002 was a banner year for Phil Ivey, some say “The Summer of Phil”. This is the year he won three WSOP bracelets, tying Phil Helmouth and Ted Forrest for most wins in a single year. He won events 5, 16 and 23, and finished in the money in 9 events. He placed 23rd in the main event for a $40,000 prize, and took in just under $400,000 in combined tournament prizes for just this WSOP.
Phil Ivey is now a giant among men. But he wants a main event win. In 2003 he will see himself getting very close. It is down to 10 players, one more falls off, and the final table will be set. Phil looks down to see pocket 9’s, and a Chris Moneymaker pre-flop raise. Phil and one other player smooth call and the flop is Q-6-Q. Moneymaker bets out small and Phil Ivey calls. The turn is a 9, and Phil has his boat. This time when Moneymaker bets, Phil pushes all-in, and Moneymaker quickly calls and shows his A-Q for trips. An unlucky ace on the river will end this WSOP final table run for for Phil Ivey. And Chris Moneymaker will be the one to make history.

In 2005 Phil Ivey does something that is simply stunning. He is having a great year already, making to world poker tour final tables, two World Series of Poker Circuit event final tables and has won his fifth WSOP bracelet. But then he has a day unlike most others. First Phil finishes up the $25,000 buy in Monte Carlo Millions exclusive event with a first place win for a $1 million payday. Then he begins the Invitational Live from Monaco. Chris Ferguson, John Juanda, Gus Hansen and Mike Matusow all stand in his way to the $600k winner takes all first prize. This proves to be Phil Iveys day as he wins this and takes the prize. In a 24 hour period Phil Ivey wins $1.6 million, WOW!

Phil Ivey owns 7 WSOP bracelets, he is the youngest player to get to seven. And only Johnny Moss has ever accumulated them as quickly. He is an unbelievably good tournament player. But that is not all, he is also among the worlds best cash game players.

Phil Ivey is a regular at the “big game” at the Bellagio. A $4,000/$8,000 mixed games match where swings of millions of dollars are a regular feature. But beyond that Phil is the cleanup man for the corporation.

The Corporation is a group of professional poker players who play in a super high stakes game against billionaire banker Andy Beal. The stakes are an astronomical $50K/$100K playing Limit Texas Hold ‘em. In 2006, the corporation down $10 million, Phil Ivey is about to start his session. In three night Phil takes back the $10 million in losses and another $6.6 million in profits. He won $16.6 million in just 3 days.

You can also see Phil Ivey at Full Tilt Poker playing online. He is a great player in any format and online is no different. In October 2006 he was playing at the $500/$1000 6 seat Texas Holdem table, Phil wins one of the largest online poker pots ever. In a pot with $100k preflop, Phil flops a set of tens against John Juanda nut flush draw. John Juanda bets out, Phil raises all-in and fate brings a spade free turn and river. Phil wins a pot just under $700,000. It is reported Phil Ivey earned $1.99 million on FullTilt in 2007, $7.34 million in 2008, and $6.33 million in 2009.

After his runner up finish at the 2010 Aussie Millions 100K event Phil Ivey is currently listed as first in the world among all-time money winners in tournament poker. Phil has earned his nickname “The Tiger Woods of  Poker” buy proving he is the best in the game.

Phil currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a Philanthropist giving money to many causes. Amung them are, Empowered 2 Excel, a Las Vegas charity for underprivileged children and Budding Ivey Foundation, a non-profit organization to continue the work of his grandfather, Leonard “Bud” Simmons.