Tom McEvoy


Tom McEvoy spent most of his career working as an accountant, an industry he’d dreamed of working in since graduating with a BS Honors degree in the field. By the time he made it to his thirties, Tom had grown tired of his job and began to look for a better way to make a living. Luckily, he had always been good at playing poker.

While he may not get as much TV attention as some of the bigger names in the world of poker; ask any major pro to list the greatest players of all time and Tom’s name would almost always come up. He was around in the days when events like the World Series attracted only the most skilled players and has a tournament ranking record that is enviable to say the very least. Tom has won an incredible four WSOP bracelets, a number that puts him right up there in a short list group of players that have won more than two. His best year was in 1983, when he took home the $1,000 Limit Hold’em event for $117k. A few days later, he went on to win the Main Event, earning $540k. His other bracelet wins were in the $1,000 Limit Razz event in 1986 and in 1992’s $1,500 Omaha Limit event. These two wins helped Tom add a further $121,600 to total live earnings of over $2.5M. In the years following, he has continued to reach success in the biggest buy-in events around the planet, and scored a win for the old guard when he took home the Champion’s Invitational tournament at the 2009 WSOP – winning the Binion Cup and a 1970 Corvette for his actions.

Aside from the poker table, Tom has also built a solid reputation as a respected poker writer, with thirteen books currently published. In what free time he does get, he enjoys collecting stamps, watching movies, reading about history and dining at the finer of restaurants.

With his place in poker history already certain, it’s almost irrelevant what Tom accomplishes in the future. Yet with so much experience and natural skill for the poker game, don’t be shocked if he wins another major event very soon.