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In this article I will discuss the importance of recognizing weaker players and their tells. Weaker players are how you are going to make the majority of your money at poker, so its really important you focus on these players at the table.

Ok, so it has become common knowledge among poker players that your typical weaker player will tend to act weak when strong and strong when weak, but what about a slightly more skilled players? Well, let’s not worry about them for now, I first want to address the large group of players who are unskilled yet are aware of the basic psychology of the game and therefore will attempt to camouflage there natural instincts to act weak when strong etc.

One of the main reasons these players aren’t strong players is that they lack focus, in order for you to accurately identify tells at the table you must be a good judge of when a person is on and when they are phased.

Bad players are always going on tilt, sometimes for a whole session and when they are in this state of mind they cannot hide their natural tendencies to act weak when strong and strong when weak.

Take notice of this. When they are on their game, well, that still doesn’t make them sophisticated and typically they will act like they are weak when they actually are weak in an attempting to skew your judgment.

I have found that these acts are easy to see right through because weak players exaggerate the emotional state they are trying to get across when acting.

As for the more skilled players, don’t worry about them much, it is the weaker players that are the source of your profit at the poker table and you should be looking for a game that is full of them. You really don’t want many confrontations with the better players at the table.

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