Recovering From Tilt

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As Unibet casino fans will know, whenever you suffer a bad beat in poker it’s always tough to control your emotions. Indeed if you’ve been on the receiving end of multiple bouts of bad luck then it’s natural to experience a certain amount of negative emotions.

For cash game players this is less of a problems than for tournament players because it’s easy to take a break and jump into another game when you’ve calmed down. However, for an online tournament grinder this isn’t so easy because tournaments wait for no man.

Therefore, it’s important to be able to recover as quickly as possible when you’ve gone on tilt. Indeed, the essence of being a professional player means moving onto the next tournament and being on top form.

This is only possible if you have a strong mental framework. Having a solid mental game strategy is vital if you want to play your best. The Mental Game of Poker, written by Jared Tendler, is now a compulsory piece of reading and essential for developing a positive mental game strategy.

In today’s game it’s not enough to simply learn when to 3-bet and what to fold pre-flop. With so many tough opponents at the felt you need a consistent and well structured psychological approach to the game.

Poker is as much of a psychological test as an intellectual pursuit. Making sure that you are able to deal with the inherent variance of the game is crucial if you want to enjoy long term poker success.

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