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>>Sites Still Allowing US Players<<

The regulating bodies of the poker companies indicted on Friday have each released statements.  The statements are all generally the same, they acknowledge the indictment, are going to be doing an internal investigation and are not revoking or limiting the licensing in any way relevant to this situation.

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission’s statement is unique as it questions the US governments authority to command control a worldwide domain name, noting its legality in other world markets.

Statements from Regulators of the indicted poker sites

Alderney Gambling Control Commission Statement (Full Tilt Poker license holder)

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (“AGCC”) is aware of proceedings brought against Full Tilt Poker and individuals concerned with its operations by the authorities in New York State. AGCC will review the documentation affecting its licensee and to facilitate this AGCC will undertake its own investigation into these allegations; no further general commentary will be provided pending progress in these matters.
AGCC notes that its licensee, trading as Full Tilt Poker, denies all of the allegations. Upon the grant of its license Full Tilt Poker identified that it had obtained specific legal advice relating to its proposed activities. AGCC further notes the current public statements made by Full Tilt Poker to its customers and its recent decision to suspend “real money” play in the USA. AGCC is concerned that appropriation of Full Tilt Poker’s dotcom site is hampering and potentially adversely affecting its lawful operation elsewhere in the world.

Isle of Man Gaming Commission (Poker Stars license holder)

Following developments on Friday 15th April, the Commission is aware of documentation issued by authorities in the USA which makes allegations against PokerStars and some of its personnel. While we are discussing the matter on an ongoing basis with PokerStars and watching developments, we can confirm that PokerStars’ licensing status in the Isle of Man remains unchanged.
We are aware that PokerStars have suspended the availability of cash-play games in the USA and we are currently endeavoring to ensure that any player who wishes to withdraw money from their account can do so.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission (Absolute Poker license holder)

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (“KGC”) is reviewing the indictments issued on April 15, 2011 by the Southern District of New York against three online poker companies, one of which (Absolute Poker) holds its primary gaming license in Kahnawake. The KGC’s principal concern is that players are not adversely affected by the actions taken by US authorities. The KGC is presently engaged in discussions with its licensee concerning the status of player accounts. Upon completion of its review, the KGC will determine what steps may be required and will issue a further statement at that time.