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Tomorrow, June 1st 2012, Lock poker is moving to the newly named revolution gaming network. It is at this time simply the renaming of the Cake poker network. Lock poker purchased the cake poker network in a decision that will have it leaving the Merge poker network.

What it means for the Cake poker network

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Lock poker has promised huge upgrades for the new network. They will certainly bring a, much needed, large player base to the network. But they also plan to revamp the VIP scheme, offer larger rackback and larger first deposit bonuses.

Lock poker has stated they will bring their cashier services to the Revolution Gaming Network. It yet to be seen if this will improve cash out time frames for players, but it is unlikely to hurt it any. It is also claimed there will be huge improvements to the notoriously bad Cake poker software. Time will tell is this is an overly ambitions goal, or a sound plan.

What this means for the Merge Poker Network

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This will be a blow to the merge network. They will lose a strong players base that Lock poker provided. This move could make then too small of a poker network to competitive in the small US market. At this time, before the move, Merge is the largest US allowed poker network. Merge has the best software serving the US poker market. But this could change fast.

Only time will tell how this plays out.  Want to try out the new network?

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