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Rush Poker is a new and exciting game which was introduced on Full Tilt Poker in early 2010. The poker rules are the same but there are differences in how the game is played. One of the first things you will notice when playing Rush Poker is that you are playing against a different opponents for each new hand. The player pool remains the same, but you will be moved to a new table after every hand, and so you won’t gain as many reads on your opponents due to the limited history on the same players and because you are read-less for the most part.

Even though it’s not possible to develop the same reads on your opponents, you have to realize that it’s the same for your opponents and they will also be playing a read-less game. So things like player tendencies, game flow, and table image are irrelevant.

In saying that, Rush Poker is not hugely dissimilar to normal ring game tables. You will still find a variety of playing styles on the tables, ranging from the nittiest of nits to huge fish. Even though you are always moving tables after every hand it would still be worthwhile to take player notes, as you will more then likely face the same players again if you are playing in a longer session, especially if the player pool isn’t big. I think this is where you make the most amount of profit at Rush tables, the limited amount of reads you will get when being observant can become immensely valuable if you play the same opponent a few hands later.

So what is the best strategy for Rush Poker? Generally I think playing a tight aggressive game is the best strategy to adopt, sometimes playing more of a loose aggressive game if certain conditions are met. A solid strategy always revolved around playing ABC poker and good decision making. Rush Poker is no different in that you want to create a loose table image so your opponent’s will not always fold to your raises when you have a premium hand.

Here is the basic Rush Poker strategy which should make you a lot of money. Make sure to open raise in early position with a large range of hands which can make big hands post flop and win your opponent’s stack, so even UTG you want to raise with small pocket pairs and suited connectors. If you happen to be on aggressive tables then make some adjustments and perhaps stop raising really low pocket pairs if you feel that you are getting 3bet light.

Even when you miss the flop, it’s likely that your opponents have missed the flop as well, so use your best judgment to determine if you should continuation bet on the flop. Usually when you miss the flop and it’s heads-up it can be profitable to make a bet if you think the flop missed your opponent’s range.

If you are dealt a good starting hand in the blinds and one of the players in the CO or BTN open raises, make sure to 3bet them so you can narrow down your range if called.

When playing 100NL or less in limits of Rush Poker, most players will play a very straight forward game and will only be raising or check-raising when they have a strong hand. So if you sense a bit of weakness definitely LAG it up a bit, just make sure to use controlled aggression.

The great thing about Rush Poker is the change in playing format attracts many recreational players, so in theory you should find more fish at the Rush tables.