Sam Holden


Sam Holden started playing poker last year after graduating from uni and was doing it professionally. He attended the University of Kent and just started really focusing in on poker once he graduated. Originally from East Sussex in the UK, his current residence is at Canterbury, UK.

He is guaranteed at least $782,115 because of making it to the final table of the WSOP 2011 main event and he’s very excited and happy about doing so well at this year’s Main Event. Being only 22 years of age he has a lot of dreams and things that he would like to do with the money that he gets from the WSOP 2011 main event.

Sam Holden said that he thinks it’s insane that he made it in the last nine with the World Series of Poker and feels like it’s all a dream to him. It still hasn’t fully sunk in for him because it still feels like a dream.

Once play commences at the final table on November 9, he’s going to try and play as well as he can but whatever happens at the final table he’ll be happy. He only started to play poker back in 2007 after meeting up with some of his friends at the uni’s poker club and then after meeting up with them he started playing poker online. Sam first started looking at poker like a part time job until he started getting very good with it and then turned it into a full time career.

When he completed university he had a degree in forensic science but a lot of his dreams and goals have now changed. He has so much success in poker and he hopes to continue having even more success with the game. He thought he would first just try things out for a year to see how it would work out, but then after he saw how good he was with it he decided to play it professionally. He flew out to Las Vegas on 24th of June and started to prepare for the WSOP. He said at first everything just seemed to be crazy and mad because of all the tourists and poker players. He also said it was bizarre because of playing in front of the TV and being featured on it.

In the last eight days prior the final table being reached, he played for 84 hours and was so serious when he played. In order to play for so long he had to re-schedule the flight because if he didn’t re-schedule it then he couldn’t continue to play and he feels like he wouldn’t have made it to the final table. He’s very glad that he played for so many hours and that he re-scheduled his flight.

Sam Holden said that he hopes to buy a nice home in London and that if he gets a lot of money from the WSOP he might invest in some kind of property. Sam Holden has 12,375,000 chips and enters the final table in the ninth position.

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