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Every player who decides to play online wants to maximize the amount of winnings they have in a session. Playing cash games is no different.  However with a ring game you have control over who you want to play with. Making this call boils down to key variants within the table itself and is one of the many aspects you have control over.

Each online poker room offers you statistical data to help better judge which game will suit your needs. Some of the more important of these features include the viewed flop percentage and average pot size which give you a basis as to how tight or loose the game is as well as the action the table has in reference to betting. I take these two stats into account before choosing a table. I generally want one that has a high viewed flop percentage which provides for some fairly loose competition.

Before you decide to sit down try and catch as much of the game as possible. Of course at some of the large networks this is next to near impossible but if you can watch the game first you will gain some insight into your opponents. Once you have a quick rundown of your table, you should try and sit in a seat behind the over aggressive player. The reason for this is simple – you want position on him. Why sit ahead of him to call a bet when you know he is going to raise on you? The aggressive players pay you off so gaining position on him instead of him on you will in the long run do this.

You will be given a choice to play as soon as the next hand begins or you can opt to wait till you have the BB. You may want to wait till this happens. I t will give you more information about the players and the pace of the game. If ever you are not comfortable with your table, find that the betting is to aggressive or costly for you, or even allowing your emotions to get the best of you – you need to leave. Take a break, drop the level of stakes you are playing or even quit for the day, either way don’t let yourself become distracted and bringing your overall game down.

Here are a few tips that tell you if your table is the right one to be playing with

  • Majority of players limping in the pot
  • Players not playing position
  • Players calling raises with weak hands that they limped with
  • Having position on aggressive and maniac players
  • Players calling with weak hands in mid to late position (Ax offsuit, unsuited connectors)

Tips to know when it’s time to move on

  • Allowing emotions to get the best of you
  • Feel a pinch when you lose some cash
  • Can not define who the weak and strong players are
  • Players over betting the pot with second best hand

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