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Now a days, most people have smart phones. We can check our email, pay bills and play games right from our phones at any time of the day. No longer are we forced to fire up the bulky energy sapping computer to do our daily tasks.

One of the best parts about all this new technology is mobile betting. Now a punter can use Mobile Sportsbook Sites to place bets from anywhere they are at. Most of the top UK bookmakers have a mobile betting app.


Bet365 has a smooth mobile betting platform. To use mobile betting with bet365, first you need to open an account if you don’t have one. All you need to do to use the mobile betting is simply surf to the mobile domain. You do not need to download anything, so you can use any phone, anytime! Bet365 moble betting works great with any apple or android phone.


Betfair was an early adopter to mobile betting. You can use mobile betting at betfair is two ways. You can download the app for your iPhone, blackberry or android phone, or you can simply use the online version with no download. Betfair’s mobile betting is very feature rich. You can deposits from pre-defined methods, set betting limits and make in-play bets.


Victor Chandler
Victor Chandler is a giant in UK sports betting, but a new comer in mobile betting. But just because they where a bit late to the game, doesn’t mean you should count them out. Victor Chandler offers a full featured mobile betting site, for each of the four major mobile OS. At Victor Chandler’s mobile site you will be able to access any bet you could on the main site, including in-play action. The mobile racebook even allows for watching and betting on live races.


William Hill
William Hill has a mobile betting site, and iPhone users can download a betting app. William Hill is an 80 year veteran to the betting business, and a know pioneer in the field. William Hill has an updated mobile betting platform, that is feature rich. You can also simply text bets, and the live telephone betting at William Hill is excellent and available 24 hours a day.


You will find mobile betting is available at most any betting site these days. You can be sure each company will be working hard to improve the service. I am sure we will all be amazed at the new features and and streamlined controls offered in the coming years.