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This article is not about how I have to wait in line for 45 minutes to get some beers and dogs. This article isn’t about how I have to pay $5 for a hot dog, and $8 for a domestic beer. No, this is about a new review done by ESPN of health department violations in sports stadiums.

Some of the reports are down right scary. Take Verizon Center in Washington DC, the nations capital for goodness sakes. According to ESPN they have 100% vendors in violation. Mice droppings, were found at at least 10 vendors.

From Florida? You might want to eat before you go to Tropicana Field in St Petersburg, FL. The heath department found100% of vendors in violation. Several violations addressed dirty counter-tops, utensils and equipment. Although every report indicated a critical violation, all vendors met basic inspection standards to keep operating.

These are some of the bigger offenders, but most venues had at least some violations. There are 11 stadiums listed with no violations, but two of them are so new there has simply been no inspection. Seven listed stadiums has 75%-100% of the vendors with heath violations, six of those are in Florida. The silver lining is the biggest group of stadiums is in the 1%-25% of vendors with violations group.

This revelation on the poor quality standards of stadium food outlets has prompted calls for more over-site. Stadium food outlets have to serve large amounts of food, very fast in usually rather cramped places. This is a ticking time bomb for a large food borne illness outbreak.

Check out your hometown stadium, or better yet stay home watch the game on TV. Why bet with your health, bet your money on the game not your life. And if you are going to bet on the game, be sure to get your Bookmaker bonus codes before you wager.