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Poker players may choose to play on multiple tables for a number of reasons. Most frequently, it is because they are looking to turn over the required volume of hands to clear sign-up bonuses or maximize the rakeback potential from a poker site, but other players choose to multitable multi player poker tournaments to minimize the risk of variance and increase the opportunities for a deep finish.

Sign-Up Bonuses

Multi-tabling offers a safer, fast track to clearing a sign-up or reload bonus on most poker sites. If, for example, you wanted take advantage of the $600 bonus available on PokerStars, and read in their terms and conditions that you would need to turn your deposit over 16 times before receiving the full amount, you might be horrified to calculate that this means you have to stake $9.600 in the next few months to make receiving your bonus possible.
If you only intended playing for a few hours each week, the task seems enormous, and would mean playing at a stakes level way above what you are comfortable with – usually leading to a loss when a player is too apprehensive about making a bet. However, if you were to play 4 or 6 tables consecutively, you are able to play at a much more suitable stake level and reach your bonus target fairly easily.


Many sites now offer players the chance to increase their poker profitability through rakeback. If you are a regular, break-even ring game player who plays on a site that does not offer this facility, you might want to consider swapping your allegiance to a site that does. However, it is not always your best option to leaping on the first site that you notice offers a rakeback account. Shop around and see which one is best for you and your style of play.
The rakeback account recommended by us  is Carbon Poker, which not only offers rakeback of up to 35%, but also a sign-up bonus of $600.00 to be turned over as you play. Multitabling on Carbon Poker enables you to clear your bonus quicker and also to be earning rakeback as you go.

Multitabling Tournaments

Multitabling tournaments is a good way of increasing your chances of going deep into a multi table event. If you are a tight player, playing two or four tournaments at a time, you still have the opportunity to observe the action around you as each game develops and many tight players may start a couple of tournaments simultaneously with a “Double or Nothing” Sit ‘n’ Go, which would reach its conclusion long before the business end of the MTT started.
Picking the right sites to enable you find tournaments that you want to enter, may be difficult at certain times of the day. There is no point playing in a qualifier for the sake of it if the final event is in Outer Mongolia and you do not have a passport! Stick to the sites that offer a wide variety of home-based live events you can qualify for – such as G Casino Poker.

Tips for Multitabling

  • When you are first starting to multitable, start with just two windows open and build up as you gain experience and feel more comfortable staying alert to so many games.
  • You can multitable on more than one site – for example have a couple of windows open from PokerStars and two more from Bodog Poker.
  • Watch what sites you want to multitable on. Some (PKR for example) use up huge quantities of RAM due to the fantastic graphics, and multitabling on these sites might just jam up your computer.
  • If you are playing in multi SnGs and MTTs, there will come a time (hopefully!) when the final tables will become short-handed and you will be involved in more of the action. It is a good idea to space out the periods at which you enter tournaments so that you can give each its required attention when the time comes.

Finally, if you wish to play multiple tournaments at the same time, make sure that they are ones which are worthwhile. There is no point in playing qualifiers for an event you cannot compete in the final of, or in a steps program that you are not going to commit to. Playing in tournaments for the sake of filling up your screen will have no value to you and encourage you to develop lazy practices. When playing six or eight screens at a time, you want to multiply your winnings – not your bad habits!