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TexasHoldemOnline-org2Online poker has been around for well over a decade, and has experienced many ups and downs. Visit TexasHoldemOnline.org and learn the history of online poker in one clear, concise article. To understand how the game is today, it is important to understand the history.

Online pokers history starts with the early days, where technology was barely advanced enough to get a tournament going. With bare-bones software and small player pools these pioneering sites created a window into the future of online poker. In the beginning most people didn’t even know they could play Texas holdem online, and the bulk of the worlds population didn’t have internet access.

The story continues into the Chris Moneymaker boom. After this previously unknown player won his way to be WSOP champion, for a $40 buy-in, everyone was getting interested in online poker. New places to play Texas holdem and other poker games where popping up all over the internet. These new sites offered players new features in the software as well as an ever growing offering of bonuses and rewards.

The technological advances in the internet as a whole allowed for this massive expansion. People where going online, and more and more people where getting faster internet speeds. Computers got faster processors, larger hard drives and increased RAM and online poker software could become more powerful.

With online poker growth moving at nearly the speed of light, the US government and several other countries governments began to create legislation. The USA of course took a strong stance against online poker and began to take several action to curb it in America, including the famous UIGEA and Black Friday events. Other countries also attempted to ban the games, while still other chose to regulate and tax the action. These action splintered the world’s online poker scene, with site set up often to cater to individual countries.

By reading the entire article you will have an understanding of how online poker arrived at the place it is today.

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