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There is a new way to prove you are an elite poker player. Next time you are in your favorite B&M poker room, as you grab your players card, have your FTP black card slip out. The players will now all know, you are a real poker super star.

How to earn a Black Card

To earn a Full Tilt Poker black card all you have to play poker. If you haven’t already, download Full Tilt Poker software. The black card is achieved buy earning an average of 500 FTP a day for 100 days. It is a rolling average, so you can play more some days and less others. When you achieve the 500FTP/day average, you will automatically receive Black Card membership. You will be mailed an actual black card so you can prove it to your friends.

Retain Your Black Card Your Status

Keeping your Black Card status, is as easy as gaining it, keep your FTP daily average over 500. Once you have achieved Black Card status, it must be maintained to continue to enjoy the benefits. If your average drops below 500FTP/day you will immediately begin a 50 day grace period. You must bring your average up in these 50 days or you will lose your status. However you do keep all benefits during the 50 day grace period.

The Black Card rewards

The rewards, besides the bragging rights, are truly awesome for the Black Card elite players. As a Black Card player you will be allowed to play in special Black Card only tournament events. With great prizes and restricted fields, these can be some juicy paydays. You will also get 2x Full Tilt Points for your play, earning you rewards twice as fast.

As if that wasn’t enough, there is more. You will have access to the Black Card store, where you can use all those FTP. You will be able to purchase many rewards including cash bonuses, luxury collectors’ items and Black Card branded apparel. You will also get personalized customer support from the dedicated Black Card support team.