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The goal of any poker player is to win money, that is how we keep score. So the goal when looking for an online poker site is to find the easy poker sites for you to make money. Some players can crush the big games, but most of us need to rely on bonuses and rewards to see a profit (or minimize losses).

In the beginning it is best to check out several online poker sites, and get a feel for the differences in each site. An advantage of starting for real money at several sites is each one will give you a first time deposit bonus, helping to add to your wins.

Deposit Bonuses

When you first sign up to, and deposit money at an online poker site, you will usually receive a deposit bonus. In general you will have to play at the tables to clear the bonus, and then it will be added incrementally to your account. Some sites require you to earn the entire thing before paying, and terms vary from site to site, so be sure to always read the T&Cs. But the point is this adds a huge win rate to your play.

Since almost every online poker site gives you a first deposit bonus, you will literally add thousands of dollars to your poker bankroll if you can just play break even poker. Be sure to stay in control of your bonuses, don’t get so many going that you are unable to clear them and they are wasted. Also don’t play too much or too high of stakes just in an effort to clear a bonus. You will lose more then you earn. you must play a game you can beat while clearing a bonus.

Rewards Programs

Rewards programs are offered at almost every online poker site. They will all be different in the details, but in general the more you play the more you earn. Usually you will work your way through a series of tiers, with each advancement increasing your prizes. The rewards programs have gotten quite robust, offering cash, tournament entries and merchandise to players of all levels.

For small players this will be a minimal factor, and simply a nice bonus for their play. But for heavy players of the higher stakes this can be a large annual income alone. With the PokerStars SuperNova Elite you could earn six figures, and they have the tables to do it at as over a hundred players do it each year. This is exactly why as you become a serious high stakes player you will be limited to a few of the biggest sites. You will want to concentrate your play to reap the highest rewards.

Soft Sites Vs. Big Sites

Soft sites are sites connected to casinos and bookmakers. They are usually sites with smaller player bases and loose low stakes games. Often these rooms have smaller rewards for poker players, reserving their larger bonuses for their main business. These sites often have very loose and profitable low stakes games, filled with casual poker players. The problem comes as you move up levels, the sites have less and less games for you.

Big sites on the other hand are sites with huge players bases, and usually have the resources for the best rewards programs. The games can be tough, and more so as the stakes get big, but quality players can have almost unlimited earning potential. These sites are great for players looking to branch out into other poker variants such as 7 card stud and Omaha. And don’t fear, big sites have plenty of soft games that are filled with recreational players just like soft sites.

Always Learning

The key to being, and staying a winning poker play is to always be playing your best. It is a lot easier to lose money then win money playing poker. To stay on top of your game you should be constantly learning. You can learn form playing poker and thinking about your hands, reading books and articles and watching videos. There are countless ways to improve your poker game, the key is to be always working on it.