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Online poker players can really bring there game up to the next level with the Titan Poker mentor calculator. Easy to use, and designed to integrate seamlessly into your Titan poker software, you will have it mastered in minutes. Packed with options, you can adjust the calculations to your play style, and the games you play in.

What is it?

The Titan Poker Mentor is an add on piece of software for Titan poker. Texas Holdem is a game of skill, where it is important to understand the mathematical odds of each situation you are in. This can be a challenge for players new to the game.

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The Titan Poker monitor solves this by automatically scanning your cards and using an intricate algorithm to calculates the odds. It will also provide a clear recommendation for how to play the hand.

How to get it:

You will have to download the poker mentor calculator from the Titan poker site. Once you get it installed you will be able to use all the great features.

How to use it:

The software is really quite self explanatory. You have several elements and tools to use. The primary one is the “main bar display”, which will provide key information. The software also provides other data on a sidebar: You vs. Best, Pot Odds, Outs and Game info.

Main Bar Display

The main bar display gives the important information. It shows your hand, a great asset for multi-tabling. On the right side of the main bar display the hand is ranked numerically for 1-169, the total possible combinations in Texas holdem. Next to that the hand is grouped from A-I with A being the strongest hands. In the center of the main bar is a colored strip that provides and easy reference of your hands strength.

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Even More

By clicking on “Options” and then on “View” you can select how you like the software to display. The software is very simple to use, and very powerful as well. You can even adjust the “Strategies” option to fine tune your playing style.

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