Tobey Maguire Sued Over Poker Winnings

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It turns out Toby Maguire is not only Spiderman, he is a very good poker player. Reports are indicating Maguire and a A list of Hollywood elite including Lenardo Dicaprio, Ben Afflek and Matt Damond where players in an illegal poker games held in the LA area. This news comes to light as part of a lawsuit filled in regards to ponzi scam perpetrator Bradley Ruderman

According to The Associated Press, the legal actions claim that the underground Texas Hold ’em matches, held between 2006 and 2009, were played with some of the money taken in the Ponzi scheme by its architect, Bradley Ruderman.

Ruderman, who is now serving 10 years in prison for operating a wire fraud and investment advisor fraud scheme, stated in court records obtained by that from 2002 to 2009 he lost about $5.2 million in investors’ money in a “clandestine high-stakes poker game held on a regular basis in a suite at a luxury Beverly Hills hotel.”

The lawsuit hopes to capture money lost by  Ruderman, to repay victims of his scam. The lawsuit is based on the fact the poker games where illegal, so this is ill gotten money for the stars mentioned in the suit.