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Poker is a minefield and a paradox. It is a game where you need to take risks, to be aggressive; but it is also a game where, if you want to win, you need to exercise self-control. Poker is a game where traps await you at every turn. Here are mistakes I have learned to avoid, through bitter experience. As the saying goes, anyone can learn from their own mistakes; the intelligent person learns from other people’s.

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1) Do not play when you are very tired or when you are drunk
A simple rule to write, and a hard one to follow! I guess we have all done things when drunk that we regret when sober. Losing your own money is probably one of the least harmful. At least while you are doing it, you are making other people happy. You may not care about losing $200 when you are drunk, but, like scoffing that kebab or Indian meal, you are likely to regret it in the morning. So, on a Friday night after a session in a bar, leave the computer off. If you have to play, stick to either very low stakes or a cheap tournament.

2) Do not play on too long when you are behind.
This is hard advice to follow! The temptation to remain in the game because you are “stuck” is overwhelming. However, if you can summon up the willpower to stand up and walk away from the table, you feel a great sense of relief. You can tell yourself  that tomorrow is another day. “Tomorrow I will have a clearer head. Tomorrow I will start off even”.
3) Do not play at a level too high for your bankroll.
Just because you have had a good run, that does not make you a world-beater. Think of each higher level as consisting of players who have all been able to beat the level at which you are currently playing. All those weak players who call you at the lower level will vanish and you will have to take the money off the good players who know where the “fold” button is. There is nothing more galling than to have a good run for a week at one level and then to lose it all in a single night because you move up a level and then have an unlucky night.

4) Do not play on when you are on tilt.
If you find yourself making plays that you know you would not make in normal circumstances, then you are on tilt. You will lose money far faster than you have been up to that point. Your emotions have taken over. Part of the problem in following this advice is that, by definition, you will not be thinking that rationally when you should follow it. Even the best players go on tilt. Perhaps you have to go on tilt yourself at least four or five times before you learn to recognize it and stop. You could be unlucky for four hours, playing perfectly, and be down about $50. Then some small thing (usually getting a good hand cracked by a lucky chaser) tips you over the edge. The next thing you know you have lost $300, five times the original amount you were down. At this point, money loses all meaning as your play gets ever more reckless in an attempt to get back to “just” $50 down. In worst-case-scenario-land, you use up your week’s maximum deposit in a single night. The next time you are “just” $50 down after a long bad run of cards, you will, I hope, remember that experience. Better, however, never to experience it at all.
5) Don’t let personalities get in the way of correct play.
Yes, there will often be players who you cannot stand, who you really want to beat. It’s the nature of the game. Perhaps they are too tight for your taste. Perhaps they moan in the chat box whenever they lose a hand. Perhaps they are continually telling the table how good they are. All in all, they annoy you. But, step back for a second and think about it. Is there any difference between $50 won off a player you really want to beat, and $50 won off one of the other players at the table who previously won it off the player you do not like? “Ego-less” poker is what you should strive for — playing correctly no matter how you feel personally about your opponent. If you find yourself making plays against a particular player, or “going to war” with him because you do not like him, then it is best to find another table. The players who think poker is about establishing themselves as the alpha-male at the table are invariably losers. Do not underestimate the quiet man. An old saying in poker is “Lose the argument and win the money”.

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