Trap Your Opponents With Slow Play

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Slow play is a poker strategy which is also known as sandbagging or trapping. This strategy is another deceptive play very similar to bluffing except for the fact that you have to do the opposite thing of bluffing. The moment when you have a strong hand, you should bet weakly or passively, compared to the normal bluff where the moment when you have a weak hand you have to bet aggressively. The slow play can be made out of flat calls (the situation where you are expected to raise but you only call).

The main objective that players have in mind the moment when they are using the slow play is to lure the opponents in a pot where they would have normally fold or just call, to make a raise. This way the pot is going to get a lot bigger compared to what would have happened if you used an aggressive betting strategy. With the help of a slow play you can manage to make your opponents bet strongly and improve the chances of winning a higher pot. At the same time a slow play will sacrifice the protection you have against the hands that might improve along the way and at the same time there is also the possibility of your opponent to check.

Here you can find the conditions that you should take into consideration in order to have some profitable slow plays:

  •  You must have a premium hand. This way you can be sure that you will beat everyone else at the table.
  •  The community cards must offer you good perspective on the cards that you have and at the same time your opponents must use these cards to have second best hands.
  •  You must have a good and strong belief that the opponents are going to react by showing some aggression at the tables, but at the same time your hand must be stronger and better than anything else at the tables.
  •  The pot must not be very large yet.

The slow play is definitely a strategy that each and every online poker player should have available in their arsenal. This means that you must know about this strategy so you can apply it and to notice when other players are using it. If you are going to alternate along with normal play and with bluffing, it’s going to be easier to become very unpredictable for the other players.